Our archive photos here show street protests and rallies in the city between 1959 and 1962.The best known Cambridge member of the organisation was Bertrand Russell, the brilliant philosopher, who helped to found it.Russell was a fierce anti war activist. His protests against British participation in the First World War had led not only to him being fined and barred from travelling around Britain, but also to the non renewal of his fellowship at Trinity College. He was attacked as a traitor in the press, treated like a security risk by his own Government, and many of his closest friends deserted him.

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led billboard Becker said people I had done something I wasn supposed to do, something that shouldn have been possible. But I did it and then I did it again at 18, just to make the point. Player Michael Chang was 118 days younger than Becker when he won the French Open in 1989, while Swiss star Martina Hingis was just 16 when she triumphed at the 1997 Australian Open.. led billboard

Mini Led Display He told a lot of people to do the right thing. Something people might be surprised to learn about me is I was an exchange student in Japan one summer in high school. That was awesome. At 1:30pm EST today, Microsoft E3 Xbox One press conference will kick off. Whereas the initial unveil back in May focused almost entirely on the Xbox One ability to act as an HDMI passthrough box for cable TV, the E3 presentation is expected to focus on the Xbox One hardware and software, its games, and peripherals such as the new Kinect. Below you can find a live video feed of Microsoft E3 keynote. Mini Led Display

led display Dow: / NASDAQ: / S 500:Quiz: How well do you know your guns?BEIJING (AP) China fined South Korean and Taiwanese makers of LCD display screens $56 million on Friday for price fixing, joining the United States and Europe in a crackdown on the industry.Suppliers have been hit by American and European regulators with penalties totaling more than $3 billion for colluding to push up slumping prices of display screens in 2001 06. Courts have sentenced 12 executives to prison.In China, the display manufacturing arms of Samsung Electronics Co. And LG Electronics Inc., along with four Taiwanese companies, were ordered to pay 144 million yuan ($22.8 million) in penalties plus repayment to Chinese customers and other charges, according to China planning agency, the National Development and Reform Commission.Envoys from LG Display, Samsung Display and the Taiwanese suppliers met every quarter in 2001 06 to set prices of screens at a time when supply outstripped demand, pushing down market prices, according to Western and Chinese regulators led display.